FIRST Libya relies heavily on the support of sponsors, all the way from local small businesses to schools/universities to large corporations. Any support you could provide to individual teams, or FIRST Libya in general, would be greatly appreciated.

What are the benefits of sponsoring FIRST?

FIRST programs are aimed at building the technical workforce of the future by getting kids involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Through mentoring by professionals from academia and industry, students gain technical aptitude and develop skills which make them desirable as an employee: collaboration, public speaking, teamwork and passion. Students who have gone through the FIRST programs are often recruited for internships and full-time positions by the supporters of FIRST.

FIRST sponsorship opportunities:

• Provide financial support
• Supply parts, equipment and/or facilities
• Offer scholarships
• Involve employees as mentors and/or volunteers
• Provide internships

FIRST sponsorship benefits:

• Strengthens company reputation in the community
• Builds a technologically literate work force
• Creates a pipeline for interns and future employees
• Provides rich employee volunteer opportunities
• Provides renewed inspiration to company engineers and employees
• Provides employee team building and training opportunities and increases positive feelings for employers

Sponsors can choose to support individual teams in a variety of ways. FIRST Libya is always in need of sponsorship administratively to support the sustainability of the programs nationally, as well as to promote FIRST in Libya schools and businesses.
For further information please contact us: Info@LYBOTICS.com or +218 (0) 94 579 8487